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Short and Long
DJIA for arguments sake I remain bullish and invested.
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Short and Long

Short and long. The market indexes are near their highs, and with that come the predictions for more of the same, along with other predictions of a big decline, and everything in between. We see the market as having long- and short-term trends and it is important to realize what the overall trend is and how the near-term possibilities fit into the big picture. The S&P has rallied to more than triple the value of the 2009 low, and we think that it is clear that the longer-term trend of the market is bullish.

DJIA for arguments sake I remain bullish and invested.

Each day we read a variety of predictions about the stock market, economy, and the world that are all over the place in terms of the opinions about the future. Lately, there seems to be more attempts to call a major market top by using an indicator that may have worked in the past, but this is no surety the same condition will produce the same result today. Each market cycle is different, and what affects the market today may not be the same as the facts that moved prices in the past. The market is much more complicated than any one indicator or even a set of conditions can accurately predict.
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